SSH with a Jump – connecting to a “doubly-remote” server

SSH with a Jump – connecting to a “doubly-remote” server

Maybe I did it wrong, but the way my various LANs and systems are set up, I can’t always get to a few of my endpoints without a 2 step process of doing an SSH to 1 “server”, and then from there, doing a 2nd SSH to the desired endpoint. eg. If the remote endpoint machine is attached to a VPN at any given moment, then it won’t like being connected to except from a machine on its LAN (like I said, maybe I set it up wrong, but who knows).

It works perfectly well this way, but I recently discovered that it can be done in 1 step…using the SSH ProxyJump, (which is available in OpenSSH version 7.3+).

This will let you connect to the server (which has ssh on port 20022) VIA a ProxyJump through the more-accessible server at (which has ssh on port 10022).
To scriptify it, you can do something like this…

If you have already set up passwordless logins using PKI infrastructure, then you can add a link to your key

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