[NEW:2020-07-27] NextCloud manual install on debian buster 10.3+

This post is heavily based on this post and this post – thank you Marcus for great info. All I have done is added in a few tweaks and so on.

I have tested this sequence several times on Debian Buster 10.4 via VBox, and also on a live PC running Buster 10.4 – it works consistently.
The basis of the install is a minimal GUI’d box running LXDE as the DM similar to this basic GUI install.

I run it “line by line” or “in small blocks” instead of as a script so that I get properly warned if anything is wrong along the way. I also try to use SET variables as much as possible to ensure consistency and minimal typing/errors.

I can offer absolutely no guarantees about whether it will work for you – it does work 100% for me if that’s any consolation. It has everything normally required to get your system working. Please CHANGE all the relevant passwords and ports to suit your own needs as the current ones are public knowledge from the article!

It is at the point where you usually do your GUI setup and contains only the default installation info – 0% customised/configured.

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    1. Hi Louis.
      I haven’t (yet) – I have been sidetracked for a while on another project, so I haven’t been very active on this site, or on any forums for a while, but I will shortly (give or take a few weeks) get back to these projects too.

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