and the new….

and the new….

This is a blog.

Here you’ll find arbitrary bits of information which may or may not be useful. The intention is to share knowledge and information about things that I have failed or succeeded with – in the hope of helping others or getting others to help wherever possible.
In some cases I have just posted the notes I used for a setup/install so that I can potentially look them up if I forget what I’m doing (which does happen sometimes – I won’t admit how often).

Sometimes I will try and provoke an answer to something I don’t really understand in the hope of pissing someone off enough that they’ll tell me what’s what. I’m semi-intelligent, very opinionated and will more than likely be considered offensive to some people – who will hopefully not visit this blog. Luckily for me, it’s mine, and I don’t really care. I also never take offense, so if you want to offer (preferably constructive) criticism, feel free to comment.

I may also (sometimes) post pictures of exquisite things worth looking at. If you’re prudish, do NOT look at them.

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