Getting OFF Microsoft Windows (M$-win)

Getting OFF Microsoft Windows (M$-win)

If you’re looking to switch, maybe start by changing your day-to-day WinX apps to the multiOS ones…get used to using those, and then you’ll be (more) comfortable when you change the underlying O/S.


I started this note/article >1 year ago – got sidetracked doing things (some of which are the point of it).

It’s time to actually share and hopefully help someone with the info, or to get a wake up call and some info from the real experts out there who will laugh at my futile attempt.


I had been using Windows for way too long, and had gotten VERY comfortable with it. I’m sure a lot of properly tech savvy people will scoff at this, but that’s kinda the point of this article.

  • Most of us are not as clever as you guys, and we need help getting to where you are.
  • I am not a tech genius, but I am an adequately capable, or maybe semi-advanced user that can figure out most things by playing around.
  • I have degree and a few IT qualifications (Novell/Cisco(ish) things which are obsolete in the current context).
  • Qualifications do not necessarily result in knowledge.



The objective of this article is simple…. switch from M$ to *nix for all tasks

  • Most WinX people, however keen and enthusiastic, are reluctant to do so because it is time consuming and difficult to change.
    • Why would you change from a system that works for you (even if other experts/people tell you how awesome it is)?
  • Even if they have decided to change – where the hell does one start?
    • There are so many choices and options that it is bewildering.
    • The frustration of failure very oftens thwarts the transition.

I want to illustrate where I started/ended as a reference for people who may have been on similar paths – so that they can narrow those choices a little bit, and hopefully get to the end part sooner (ie. before they quit out of frustration).

Once you can see that it IS possible to get from where you are, to where you want to be, the chances of undertaking the journey increase. I’m fortunately/unfortunately a stubborn MoFo – and even I considered just sticking with what I had several times along the way.


The struggle is deciding WHAT to do. Once you decide the what, the how is much easier. In a lot of cases, it is not a question of the HOWTO – that part, with the amount of searchable/available information (NOT via Google!), is not that hard.


I will attempt to explain my chosen steps. Hopefully they will help you create your own, personal/custom solution that works for you.


The transition is based on this…

“Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can” [Arthur Ashe (famous tennis player)]

My start point is (roughly) described here

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