minimalist *nix GUI

minimalist *nix GUI

On the topic of minimalist…

I like a small footprint…and I stumbled upon some numbers and according to the “internet”…

  • Plain Openbox only: 58 MB
  • XFCE: 89 MB (with default configuration of Debian)
  • LXDE (gtk+ 2 version): 78 MB (add 20 MB to openbox)
    • On my “fully loaded” desktop station, including/running LibreOffice and a bunch of other apps, several Apache instances to run ERPNext, NextCloud etc, with several browser sessions active, the system is only using 1.3GB. (this in comparison to a WinX station running only the browsers and LibreCalc using 3-4GB for lesser tasks)
    • I admit it took me a while to tweak and tune LXDE to behave the way I want, but still – it kicks ass now.
  • LXQt: 95 MB (add 37 MB to openbox)

Though there are suggestions that Cinnamon is light, and that KDE Plasma is surprisingly light considering how much it offers… when I loaded Manjaro+plasma on a relatively fast piece of hardware, it was annoyingly laggy. It is possible that I just fucked it up, but I prefer to think not.

  • I know that hardware is very powerful, and growing – BUT – that doesn’t mean you HAVE TO load bloat options.


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