Best *nix (Server)

Best *nix (Server)
  • CentOS
    • VERY solid and stable.
      • I have several servers that have uptime of >500days (the very few incidences of downtime were from power issues, not OS).
      • I did get hacked a couple of times before I learned how to use iptables adequately.

  • Debian
    • SOMETIMES, compatibility calls for non-CentOS.
    • I am not a fan of Ubuntu – they are becoming more like M$ every day.

  • FreeBSD
    • FreeNAS with ZFS rocks!
      • VERY stable.
      • jails etc are great – but – complicated for us lesser beings.
      • you need “big” hardware for FreeNAS – especially RAM.
      • because ZFS!!!
    • pfSense/OPNsense
      • I have started developing a preference for OPNsense over pfSense
        • Although fundamentally similar, the latter seems to be changing/improving faster, and seems (so far) to be easier

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